Poetry Workshop

Dive into my Poetry Workshop today.

Poetry Workshop

Here on this page, you will find many different poetry styles with many examples and kinds of poetry. By experimenting with poetic forms and technique, can be really fun and develop your skills. The difference between each type of poems is based on the format, rhyme scheme and poetry technique and definition.

Poetry workshop including, Haiku Poems, Tanka Poems, Riddle poems, A 5w poems, Elfje Poems, Diamante Poems, Abstract Poems, Shape Poems, Cinquain Poems, Alliteration Poems, Lantern Poems and many more.

Fighting pollution – Tanka Poem

Hugs – Triplet Poems

Nonsense poem example

Elfje poems about nature

Riddle poem about fireworks

Limerick Poems – Funny poems

A 5w poem about kind souls

Diamante poem about seasons

Shadorma Poetry

Palindrome Poem Example

Couplet Poems

An abstract poem about hope

Monorhyme Poem – I must love you is some sort of way

Loop Poetry

Mask poem example

Shape Poem- Christmas tree

Naani poem example – The mystery of love

Cinquain poem about spring

Pantoum poem example – I felt spoiled rotten!

Triolet poem – Love is painful

Rispetto poem example

Quatrain Poem – Sister love

Cinquain Poems about Autumn

Alliteration poems about snowflakes

Lantern poem – Joy

Alliteration onomatopoeia poems

Haiku poems about life

Duck – Acrostic Poem

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