Poems for Children

Poems for children – Funny Rhymes for Children

A collection of children poems which I wrote at various ages after between the ages of 6 and 12. Some rhyme, some are funny and others address serious matters at a young point of view.

My mermaid mate

Far in the oceans
Where no one has been
I saw something moving
Which no one had seen?

I thought it was a shark
But it looked like someone’s face
Then I thought it was
A whale and a girl having a race

I wanted to go closer
So I started to swim
My legs got very tired
So I got help from a dolphin

When I got there I realized
It was not a human or a whale
But it did have a face
And a scaly tail

Then I noticed it was
A mermaid of course
But I didn’t get to talk to her
Because I was late for tea indoors

Who cares that I didn’t get to talk to her
Just seeing her is really great
I know I did not know her much
But she is definitely my mate

This is a collection of beautiful poems for children

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My mermaid mate

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