Life Quotes

A collection of life quotes. Life quotes about being yourself, feelings, change, truth, life lessons and many more

Life isn’t about pleasing everyone

Quote about life and moments

Hope and faith in life

– Life is a balance

Your life is your story

If you fight for a place in someone’s life

Find the courage to love yourself

Life is a circle

Nothing you have is yours

Quote on kindness

Memory quote

Quote about humor

The worst dictator is evil

I believe prayers are the most powerful thing we own

Never stop making wishes

The more we think about other peoples opinions

The amount of ways you can say sorry

Quote about life and ego

– Knowledge has no limit

Quote about disagreement

Children only know how to cherish the present

– Stop causing damage to other peoples lives

Beauty captures your attention for a while

A clear rejection is like a storm with sunshine that follows

When things get tough

Your Reputation

Quote about blaming others

Certain memories

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