Love Poems

Love Poems – Short Poems

Here is a collection of love poems.

Now I notice my mistakes

When hatred shattered my heart
I just swiftly moved away
When your eyes burnt through my soul
I was way to scared to stay

When whispers surrounded the air
I held my ears- oh so tight
When I tried to confront you
I was overtaken by fright

Now I notice my mistakes
And I wish I’d always known
That nothing can camouflage
Your evil heart of stone

None of your actions will give you
A greater pleasure than mine
Because of love, kindness, and hope
Is a joy that’s simply divine

 Divine Joy

A poem about love and life

Love is painful

Love within a rose

It all ends in a kiss

The secret kiss

Love is the funniest drug of them all

I Miss My Smile

A love like this

Now I notice my mistakes

– The thought of you won’t go away

Let me be your valentine


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