Short Poems - Kindness

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Short Poems – Kindness

Short PoemsKindness

Short poems and quotes about kindness. Is great to be a kind-hearted and know it but it is better to be a kind-hearted and show it. Kindness is love and love is all we need. A smile is an act of kindness without words

Here are 5w poems about kindness.

Who, what, when, where, why

Your smile!

Your smile!
quenched my soul’s thirst
when sadness had imprisoned me
where my happiness was drowning
Because your smile its source of my joy

Kindness is a strength

was misunderstood
when other souls where confused
where the gentleness was evaluated as the weakness
because they have forgotten kindness is a strength

Kindness means living life fully

You kindness
mirror of hospitality of your spirit
together with all other souls,
makes our journey easy and colourful
because practising kindness means living life fully

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