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Motivational poetry and verses that provide positive messages
Below you can find a list of my motivational poems about life, friendships, family, love and much more;

One chance only

How can our souls truly ignite
when we are stuck in-between fear and desire
This limbo that’s constantly hauling us back
stripping us from experience to only admire

We are given one chance and one chance only
to prosper and feel and seize
happiness seems to slip through our fingers
while misery spreads like an infectious disease

Days pass by merely like seconds
and what is a second but a soft breath
our hearts sing out for more I am sure
but people are dying before their own death

Fall in love so much that it hurts
let your soul grow and pride shrink
stop drowning your heart trying to float like others
when it can be so beautiful to sink

If mistakes are not made then something is wrong
without the moon, the sun is not so divine
don’t let your courage permit you to aim for the stars
believe you will land on cloud nine

we have only one opportunity, one chance, one shot
let the thrill of fulfillment make you stand tall
and if you’re ever in doubt about the journey you’ve chosen
remember that always, love conquers all

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