Haiku Poems

Haiku Poems – Types and Examples

Haiku poems about feelings, nature, experiences and many more. A Haiku is a Japanese poem, consisting of three lines, with the first and last line having 5 syllables and the middle line having 7 syllables. Haiku poems do not rhyme, they are short poems and always fun to write.

Is that what life is
A competition for all
We are all the same

Searching for that joy
That is so unreachable
Just a lifetime lost

A collection of poems.


Wretched little kid

Tiny Ladybird


Japan earthquake and tsunami

Truth is just speechless and poor

Conquering us all

Clouds interfering

They make the world spin

My Dad

Celebrating life

A poem about nature

A poem about words


Spring means blooming

Is that what life is

Mona Lisa


Racing is my game

Dreaming of freedom


Acting innocent and nice

Working hard always

Acting innocent and nice

Haiku  about life

Haiku for the lives taken in Norway

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