Hugs - Triplet Poems

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Hugs – Triplet Poems

Hugs – Triplet Poems – Feeling Poems

Hugs – Triplet Poems. A triplet poem is composed of stanzas of three lines. They have not got a certain rhyming pattern ( but I prefer rhyming them because I think it sounds more elegant to read) The writer has got a huge amount of freedom while writing a triplet poem and can express whatever they want. They can be long poems or short poems, depending on the author. I wrote this triplet poem about a small and an effective thing we all give out and love to receive: hugs. I hope you like my triplet poem! 🙂

Poems about hugs and cuddles


Cuddles are sweet
For hearts, they are a treat
They make us feel complete

Hugs throw fears way
They always make our day
Smiles on the face they lay

We must take hugs and give
They make it easier to live
So always: hug and forgive

Our emotions they can mend
When hugs we lend
To family or a friend

So please don’t by shy
Make the human soul fly
Just hug, don’t ask why

Copyright © 2010 Marinela Reka

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40 Responses to Hugs – Triplet Poems

  1. Amy says:

    Thanks for linking up today. It is great to meet you.. I really enjoy your writing.. Hugs are the best thing I get everyday from my 2 yr. old..

    Have a great weekend..

  2. Jingle says:

    come here from Family Fridays,
    what cute cuddles.
    I just posted mine.
    Happy Friday!

  3. william says:

    beautiful triplet of excellence. bravo xxx

  4. Life tips says:

    This is an endearing, lovely poem. Great work, well done!

  5. Cute, Marinela! There is something to say for rhyme, but then “no-rhyme of rhymless” sounds more artistic to me (that’s my opinion).
    Bytheway, I love your funky blog background! Cheers!

  6. Bea Sempere says:

    A sweet poem. I think the ending is strong and beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Yauvapa says:

    Simple yet profound. Oh, and well-written too.
    Thank you for the lift-me-up this afternoon. With my home city of Bangkok reduced to a mountain of ashes, I think I and the rest of us Thais need all the hugs and cuddles we can get. Unbridled hate only breeds misery, I believe that now. When the loathing finally burns itself out, at least it would leave an empty place where we can start the rebuilding process — this time, on the foundations of true love and unity.

  8. awww.. so sweet loved it :))

  9. What a beautiful poem. I was looking around earlier too, and was overwhelmed with joy. Your poetry does captivate me.

    Warm wishes!

  10. Windowlad says:

    Indeed a great piece again… as always… it’s always worthy bein’ here… you’ll always be surprised by lot’s of treats in here… you’re not just writing… you put your heart when you write… ye know… and learning never stops in here.. different lessons every post… that’s what i’ve noticed here… and i think that was one of the brilliant thing one can do…!!!:)

    Great day!!!:)

    P.S. glad you liked the tag!! you can re-do it if you want!!!:)


  11. Experimenting with form is a great way to learn about poetry. It’s challenging and you can use it to break out of certain patterns like rhyme vs. non-rhyme, syllable counts, etc. Even in form poetry can be fluid. You can also invent your own poetic form. Nice!

  12. Ramesh Sood says:



  13. Nice poem!

    I liked the versatility in your poems! The thoughts are fresh! 🙂

  14. wordwand says:

    you’re amazing try different poetry forme with outstanding rhyming and sweet simple words.well done.

  15. Travis says:

    I like this style of poem. It let’s each stanza stand alone with a particular detail. Then the poet can weave each detail together to describe the main theme.

  16. Petty Witter says:

    My sentiments exactly – a cuddle a day keeps the doctor away.

  17. Rajesh says:

    Very sweet poem.

  18. Beautiful and lyrical poetry…thanks for visiting my blog.

  19. Great helpful poem! I’ve been looking for something like this. Thanks!

  20. Leslie White says:

    Love your hug poetry but absolutely think the dog getting the bear hug beats it all! Great choice of photos, Marinela!

  21. Pietro says:

    A beautiful poem with sweet thoughts and words: I really enjoy it, Marinela!

  22. Hello Marinela!

    Thanks! You’re nice and gentle.
    Welcome to my humble home.
    I’ll return to read your poems, I love poetry.


  23. birdie says:

    hi marinela, thanks for stopping, your poem is very sweet!! nice to meeting you :-))

  24. Marinela says:

    WOW, thank you so much everyone for the magnificent comments 🙂
    It always makes my day knowing that all you like my poetry!
    I will make time to look at all of your blogs, as I am sure they are all FANTASTIC!
    Once again thank you!
    Marinela X 😀

  25. brian miller says:

    cute triplets…hugs solve many a problem…

  26. Luke Prater says:

    Hi there,

    thanks for the visit to my salad-bowl and your kind words. Your blog looks great and the best part is, you write in tercets! I wish more people would do that. Hence my love of the villanelle, amongst others… threes are special and so often overlooked, in poetry as in music, which I also studied. We in the West are so used to thinking in twos and fours. Quatrains are so boring… a Petrarchan sestet, now there’s a stanza! Yo

    Warmest salad


  27. Tim Keeton says:



    So please don’t by shy
    Make the human soul fly
    Just hug, don’t ask why

  28. Tim Keeton says:



    So please don’t by shy
    Make the human soul fly
    Just hug, don’t ask why

    Thanks for visiting my site.

    Rhyme on!

    Tim Keeton
    (Undead)Poet / Wizard / Teller-of-tales

  29. dustus says:

    well done triplet 🙂

  30. Leslie says:

    really sweet hugging in triplets

    thanks for your visit to my site

    Happy Thursday

  31. Steve says:

    well done triplet 🙂

  32. bob says:

    Good work, love it!

  33. Kyogakura says:

    reminds me of haiku.

    😀 but i know they’re not.


  34. Jingle says:

    help me achieve 55 comments goal by leaving a comment under the post…
    take the awards from previous post after that.
    thank you in advance.

  35. Batty says:

    A triplet of warmth, care and giving! Beautiful!

  36. Marinela,

    For one so young, you are very talented! I have been browsing your website some and have enjoyed reading your poetry. Especially like this poem about Hugs. Keep writing!

    Carol Connell

  37. JAN says:

    I was searching for a poem called HUGS, written by a resident in the dementia care home where I work, to check if she had copied it from somewhere when I came across your work……..
    Excellent work……