Moral Poems

Moral Poems and Moral Poetry

Poems about Morals. All types of moral poems including, forgiveness, poverty, the power of kindness, words, bullying, hate, violence, the values of life and many more.

Everyone you meet

Be thankful for every person you meet
No matter what their desire
Some walk into your life to disappoint
Whereas others appear to inspire

Some people are nothing but mistakes
So that lessons can be learned
Others come with ideas and hope
So new pages can be turned

One may break your heart to pieces
But someone else will be the glue
All these people, good or bad
Have molded the perfect you

An angel named Forgiveness

Stay Humble

– Bullies Beware

The Less Said Is More

Everyone you meet

Magical Shoes

Lean on me

Is this fair?

Their future lies in your hand

Poverty Shouldn’t Be The Cause Of Death

Be Grateful For All You’ve Been Blessed

Poem about judgments

Appreciate and love


Earth is a temple we should worship

Moral poem about injustice and selfishness

Time is your friend, not your enemy

Never say you’re too powerless

No Regrets

The best lessons are learnt through pain

You are not worth my tears

Greatest technique of violence

People want the truth

Poem about War and Peace

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