Quirky Limericks

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Quirky Limericks

Quirky Limericks

Quirky Limericks

Naughty washing machine

Oh there is a naughty washing machine
It eats my socks when they need a clean
One day it even ate my hat
How naughty is that?
This was the naughtiest washing machine I’ve seen!

There was a man stuck in a tree

There was a man stuck in a tree
He asked for help from me
I went up and got stuck too
And I will ask for help from you
Be careful there are two of us up here we don’t need three!

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One Response to Quirky Limericks

  1. matilda says:

    Hi my little bear
    You are so gorgeous,
    and your poems are great,
    be always yourself and let us know your feelings through your poems.
    You have a great heart, and great thoughts too, so don’t hesitate to express yourself.
    love you sooooooooo much

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