Limerick Poems

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Limerick Poems

Limerick Poems – Funny poems

Limerick poems are well-known form of poetry which consists of a rhyme scheme AABBA.  It is usually a funny, rhythmic and short poem whose rhyme scheme allows it to be fun to pronounce and write. Here are some Limerick poems I wrote 8 years ago, when I was very young.I hope you enjoy them.

A girl from Spain

There was a girl from Spain
Who loves sun and hates the rain
She enjoyed the sun,
With rain she had no fun
But she lives in England and suffers the pain

There was a man stuck in a tree

There was a man stuck in a tree
He asked for help from me
I went up and got stuck too
And I will ask for help from you
Be careful there are two of us up here we don’t need three!

A naughty washing machine

Oh there is a naughty washing machine
It eats my socks when they need a clean
One day it even ate my hat
How naughty is that?
This was the naughtiest washing machine I’ve seen!


A woman who lived in a shoe

There was a woman who lived in a shoe
She had a child who was two
When her child grew up she lived in a sandal
It was very hard to handle
Now she wishes to live in a shoe

Once my sister had the flu

Once my sister had the flue
I was afraid she might give it to me too
Her nose was bright red
She only stayed in bed
I didn’t want to catch it, what could I do

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