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No more jumping from the fish

There was little goldfish
He jumped into a ladies dish
He said, ‘I jumped really high’
‘Please put me back before I get dry’
And there was no more jumping from the fish

Copyright © 2005 Marinela Reka

No more jumping from the fish

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2 Responses to No more jumping from the fish

  1. Sola Olododo says:

    beautifully expressed. We all have limitations like my “dear” goldfish. Life is beautiful but when we are at our high spirited state, let us ( all ) not forget..not to go beyond bound, for we might never return to our initial place/state. keep it up Marinela, we need great minds once again. Living poets.

  2. Marinela says:

    Thank you very much Sola for this lovely comment.It gives me inspiration to write more and more

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