Acrostic Bird Poem

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Acrostic Bird Poem

Acrostic Bird Poem

Acrostic Bird Poem – Short Poems

A poetry form acrostic is very straightforward to write. The first letter of each line forms a word or a number of words going down. (Perpendicularly) An acrostic poem can be about anything or anyone. They are very simple and have no length limit. Another type of similar poem is a name poem, this too can be written for anyone and for any occasion.

The Swan

Traveling swiftly across the water
Having no trouble looking attractive
Exploring the shiny silver lake

Sharing its beauty with all trespassers
Wild bird with everlasting grace
Amazingly calm as thousands stare

No animal beats the bewildering swan

 © 2009 Marinela Reka

Swan,wild bird

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