Short Bullying Poem

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Short Bullying Poem

Short Bullying Poem

Short Bullying Poem – Feeling Poem

This is a short poem about bullying and the impacts of bullying on kids and everyone. Bullying is very wrong. Bullying is very wrong. Every child in the world needs a peaceful childhood and has the right not to experience those bad feelings, bullying behavior

Greatest technique of violence

I glanced at a lonely soul
And discovered everlasting hope
Like a fire that hope flickered
In the pitch black cave
Silence surrounded that soul
And a wish that this pain will stop
Souls around smiled grimly gay
No one knew the form of violence
Used as a weapon
To keep this soul out!

© 2009 Marinela Reka


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4 Responses to Short Bullying Poem

  1. rhia says:

    you feel so alone and small and week scared to even go out and speak. the things they say and the things that do would you like it if it were you? words can hurt I don’t know why but all I know is that it makes people cry. it needs to stop this horrible matter I wish I could stop and have a long chatter! how longer can you take too much before you break, it goes on day by day another part of you chased away

    by rhia jane age:12

    I hope you like my poem!!! 🙂

  2. sophow says:


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