Father Poem

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Father Poem

Father Poem

Father Poem

Dad Poem From Daughter. A beautiful Feeling poem about fathers

My Daddy

Dad, your wise words have broken
The gate into my heart
Your firm but fair criticisms
Are my weak soul’s art
The way you handle problems
That is what I truly admire
Your extraordinary sense of humour
Sets my life on fire
I love the way you are optimistic
Even when you are feeling weak
You inspire me with every action you make
And with every word you speak

© 2008 Marinela Reka

marinela reka ,my daddy

Daughter to Father Poem

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18 Responses to Father Poem

  1. Thanks for posting, I’ll definitely be subscribing to your blog.

  2. HalimiAbuHassan says:

    I’m a daddy since 9 years ago … If my children feel the same as you right now I feel very HAPPY … 🙂

  3. John Eells says:

    Your firm but fair criticism is my weak soul’s art. Nice line! Nice poem!

  4. Marinela says:

    HalimiAbuHassan I am sure that your children feel same way 🙂

    Thank you again everyone for nice comments 🙂

  5. Marinela, Your poem for your father is so endearing. Being a father of three lovely children as well brings me joy to know this is inside them also.

  6. noel malci says:

    Lovely poem Marinela,well done!
    I love your poetry!

  7. thepoetryman says:

    Thank you for visiting my blog and for sharing your gift. I truly wish I had begun writing poetry at your age. You have a bright future ahead of you.


  8. lovely dedication to a father…

  9. Marinela says:

    Thank you everyone again for your kind comments. I appreciate your comments and your advise a lot!!

  10. How I Lost says:

    Thanks for posting this poem, I would love to read more .

  11. zoe rubin says:

    This is a lovely poem Marinela, Truly beautiful xx

  12. Rebecca Reid says:

    I really like how you cover all the things that your dad does for you in this poem. I’m sure he’s happy with how he’s inspired you!

    As the others have said, my favorite lines are also “Your firm but fair criticisms/ Are my weak souls art”.

  13. Necklaces says:

    Astonishing poetry . Will definitely copy it to my blog.Thanks

  14. babafisa says:

    Great poem . Will definitely copy it to my website.

  15. kelly miller says:

    Ah, sooo sweet! This touches my heart.

  16. Write Girl says:

    What a cute and sweet poem…love the photo as well. I hope you enjoyed the Father’s Day weekend.

  17. I Love You Dad, I might not show you all the time; But I couldn’t imagine my Life Without You!!!!!

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