Kid Life Poems

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Oh how fast life runs away

Kid Life Poems

Kid Life Poems – Poem for Kids About Life

Oh how fast life runs away

Oh how fast life runs away
When I get older there are more things I have to do
Why is life running so fast?
I can’t understand I have no clue

It feels that I am just starting nursery
And only beginning to learn about all of my topics
But hey! I am ready for secondary school
As I am finishing year six

Each year I get excited about leaving school
Because it is the summer holidays
But as soon as I blink my eyes
My mum wakes me up and says “ it is school today”

I am used to my brother being with me always
Now I am not ok, NO not fine
Because life has gone so quickly
It has sent him away to study my brother of mine

I don’t know why I am moaning
And I know, it is pretty odd
Because the only way to stop life running so fast
Is if I just was some sort of God

© 2008 Marinela Reka

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  1. mohamed hadir says:

    love it

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