Please Listen - Children Poems

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No one listens to me though

Please Listen – Children Poems

Please Listen – Children Poems

No one listens to me though

I did something different
When the teacher sent me on a mission
So I got told off
And the teacher said, “YOU SHOULD LISTEN”

I sent the letter to the dentist
When I was meant to take it to the optician
So I got told off
And my mum said, “YOU SHOULD LISTEN”

I went to the pet shop to get fish food
But I ended up getting a kitten
So I got told off
And my fish said, “YOU SHOULD LISTEN”

I turned off the radio
When my brother said to turn off the television
So I get told off
My brother said, “YOU SHOULD LISTEN”

I started to paint
Instead of doing some revision
So I got told off
My father said, “YOU SHOULD LISTEN”

I used my sister’s make up
Without her permission
So I got told off
My sister said, “YOU SHOULD LISTEN”

I made my room dusty and messy
While my Nanny said your room should glisten
So I got told off

They all tell me to listen
And the word listen in my face they seem to throw
But I have noticed that
No one LISTENS to me though!

© 2006 Marinela Reka

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