Beautiful Rose Poem

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Love within a rose

Beautiful Rose Poem

Beautiful Rose Poem – Love Poems

Love within a rose

When a rose is not being looked after
The rose will slowly dry
When love starts to be forgotten
The love will slowly die.

When a rose pricks you
It doesn’t hurt for long
When love breaks your heart
The pain is too strong.

When a rose starts to open
It has a beautiful smell
When love starts to grow
It feels like heaven and not hell.

When too many raindrops fall upon the rose
It will eventually destroy its existence
When love is washed with unhappy tears
It will gradually keep a far distance

© 2005 Sonila Reka

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11 Responses to Love within a rose

  1. catbel says:

    hi marinela. it’s my first time to read someone’s blog. i was caught by yours poems. I’m inspired. more powers and god bless.

    email me or add me in facebook pls. i’m already a fan of yours.

  2. william says:

    thats a beautiful poem friend, loved it, 🙂

  3. Well done and beautiful comparison and contrast.


  4. samia says:

    wonderful poem! bravo!:)

  5. Shafik says:

    i luv u words, amazing

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