short poem about anger

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Poem about anger

Poem about anger

Poem about anger

Don’t let anger lead your mind

Don’t let anger
Lead your mind
Always remember to be
Polite and kind

Tell the anger
Who is the boss
Always stay calm
And never get cross

© 2003 Marinela Reka

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7 Responses to Poem about anger

  1. Richele says:

    I am looking forward to sharing your site with my boys.

    I appreciate your comment. We are, indeed, a poetry loving family and my six-year-old is just as often seen reading poetry as prose. My intrigue had more to do with that particular poem, Shelley’s beautiful “To a Skylark” and Charlotte Mason’s always carefully chosen words.

    I like the above poem a lot. In the US, many are fond of saying “Follow your heart” but I would much rather lead mine.

  2. Marinela says:

    Well thank you Richele, it is lovely to here someones opinion, you are right some times leading your own heart could get you much more happiness then following it!

    I am glad that you and your family are interested in poetry, i hope your boys will like my site.

    Once again thank you!

  3. Marinela,
    I just read some of your poetry. You started at six and I didn’t get started writing until I was 56! Your site is well done and your poems are very thought provoking. You must be a very lovely young lady. I have granddaughters your age who fill me with joy.
    R. Wayne Edwards
    The Family Poet

  4. I have a blog where I post some poetry for kids. I think this is a really nice one for certain kids as a reminder to keep their tempers! A good thing to learn in childhood.


    Mama Lisa

  5. Marinela says:

    R. Wayne Edwards
    well it is never too late to start some thing you love! I am glad you liked my poetry and i like yours too!!!! Your granddaughters must be lovely young ladies and proud to have you as a granddad!!!

    Lisa Yannucci
    Thank you very much for visiting my website, i have visited yours too and I find it great!! 🙂

    Irritation, Spiteful
    Annoying, tempering, frustrating
    Controlling anger is important

    With love,

  6. mevlan says:

    I dont now….,?

  7. Amulya says:


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