Fantastic Party

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Fantastic Party

Fantastic party – Story In Poetic Form

Fantastic party

There is going to be a big party
On Saturday for lunch and tea
You’re going to be invited
Everything is going to be organized by me

Snow White and seven dwarfs
They are the first to get an invitation!
I haven’t forgotten the prince who saved Snow White’s life
He is popular all around the nation

Please be very careful
I don’t want a red apple on the table that day
In case it reminds Snow White of the sad time
And she will not be able to come out to play

A little Red Riding Hood and her Grandma
Are coming to the party too
Of course, the woodsman is coming
Without him, Red Riding Hood and Grandma would be stew

Don’t anyone think about
Telling little Red Riding Hood a lie or something fake
Because she is really clever now
She has learned from her mistake

Beauty and the Beast
Both of them together are going to come
Beauty’s father is coming too
I hope he will have fun

The beautiful Beauty
Is going to tell us how she turned the beast into a human
The beast made a good choice to love beauty
She is probably loved by all man

How could I forgot Pinocchio
But please don’t make him tell a lie
Because his nose gets longer
It will even touch the sky

Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten Cinderella and her Prince
They promised me they would come too
Cinderella wanted her stepsisters to come as well
But they can’t come because they have flu

Tarzan from the jungle
I don’t think he is going to make it
Because he is in trouble with monkeys
Hopefully, he will not get hit

Guess who else is coming
Peter Pan and Tinker Bell
Hopefully, Tinker Bell won’t be naughty
And cast a horrible spell

I might invite captain Hook
If he promises to behave
If he does not
I will lock him in a very dark cave

The food on my party is going to be
Chicken nuggets and ice cream on a stick
Everyone is going to dance and play
My party is going to be fantastic

© 2006 Marinela Reka

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