Siblings Poems

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Acrostic poem about siblings

Siblings Poems

Siblings Poems – Brother & Sister Poems

The relationship between brothers and sisters is very important. Having a brother or sister can make our life better and colorful. Sometimes brothers and sisters are jealous of one another because they are bothered by each others success. Being Brother and sister means being there for each other. Being sister and brother means being there for each other

An acrostic poem about Siblings

Sitting on the same branch
Inspired by each other’s work
Bothered by each others success
Loving, irritating, arguing and caring
Interfering with what they do say and go
No harming between them never
Gathered together in times of joy and sorrow
Safe in each other’s hearts forever

© 2008 Marinela Reka

Acrostic poem about siblings

Acrostic poem about siblings


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4 Responses to Acrostic poem about siblings

  1. As a member of a family of eleven, this poem went straight to my heart — lovely!

  2. Marinela says:

    Inés de Erausquin it is lovely to know that one of my poems went straight to your heart, it must be great to be in a family of 11! once againt Thank you 🙂

  3. bob says:

    ………. really nice ………

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