War Poems

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War Poems

War Poems – Acrostic Poems

War Poems – Acrostic Poems


Soldiers stood so pensively
On the battlefield
Looking, staring at the bodies
Dead blood and gore
Is this how it should end?
Even though they have won the war
Reality is that they’re gone!
So may they rest in peace!

© 2009 Marinela Reka



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6 Responses to War Poems

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  2. anonymous says:

    Nice but sad!

  3. AAKANKSHA says:

    In this poem there is not telling the reason that why the wars held. If there will be a reason then it will be more informative.This poem is ok.

  4. Marinela says:

    AAKANKSHA What ever the reason is for the war it is not as valuable as a innocent soldiers life and soul. Thanks.

  5. kelly miller says:

    I recently read an article that named a large number of Engilsh poets who died serving their country during a war. Their poems were touching and one reminds me of this. I can’t imagine the things they saw- But I lost a gifted artist in Iraq. He had a heart of gold. For his country, too.

  6. boshra says:

    This blog is the most wonderful site I ever seen. I am from Egypt, I added your blog to my blog list. Also, I adopted your poem and translated to arabic if you don’t mind.
    thanks a lot,

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