Poem about Truth

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Poem about Truth

Truth PoemMoral Poem

Truth Poem – Moral Poem

People want the truth

People say that they want the truth
But when you give it to them, it gives them pain
They blame the truth on you
They ask you questions but there is nothing to explain

That person gets so badly hurt
They suffer from the truth and cry
It makes you think, I hurt them, because I told them the truth
And if I did not I would of have felt guilty, by telling a lie

The truth can be painful
Whether you build a bridge and get over it, it is up to you
But when someone tells you the truth and it hurts
Don’t blame them because that’s the right thing for them to do

© 2007 Marinela Reka

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2 Responses to Poem about Truth

  1. bob says:

    well done ; keep it up please,I love your poems very much.

  2. riah says:

    wow. This is awesome
    actully its all awesome, you have a true talent, I used People Want The Truth for my poetry assinment, we had to pretty much disect the poem. Its really awsome I love them all.

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