Touching Poem

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Touching Poem

Touching Poem – Daughter & Mother

I wrote this when I was a small child, even now when I look back at it I realize how my words are full of truth and Love. Everlasting Love. I hope you enjoy it.

Someone I know

There is someone I know
Who is the world to me
If I was the fish
Then she would be the sea
There is someone I know
Who is the world to me
If I was the branch
Then she would be the tree
This wonderful person is,
Of course my mum
If I lived as the moon
Then she would live as the sun

© 2003 Marinela Reka

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8 Responses to Touching Poem

  1. Gina says:

    And you must be a mother…or a daughter. I am both…and have both. All I can say is too true. Keep writin girl!

  2. AAKANKSHA says:

    I like this poem very ,very ,very much. Its very good poem about our mother.

  3. Marinela says:

    Thankyou Gina you are lucky to be both a mother and daughter! I am just a daughter but i have a lovely mother. And thanks AAKANKSHA. =] x

  4. jaya says:

    yr poems are too good ! and u resemble my friend sowmiya in writing poems!

    hats off!
    keep going sweety!

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