Spoken word poem about life

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Spoken word poem about life

I am a thousand miles away

I am a thousand miles away
From finding the end to this nightmare
Darkness seems to never leave me alone
I can’t wait to see reality I swear

I am a thousand miles away
From hearing my own lasting cries
But one day I will learn how to smile
And light shall soon fill my eyes

I am a thousand miles away
From others feeling my heart beat
I might be weak for a while
But soon I will stand on my own two feet

I am a thousand miles away
From facing the one thing that brought me on earth
Sometimes I get scared that’s why I push and kick
But I can’t wait until mother gives me birth

I am here at last but now I am gone again
Everything I thought of doing was just a lie
The thing that brought me to life also took it away
Because she didn’t want me, I had to die

I wouldn’t have hurt anyone I am sure of that
Why did you decide to give me life and end it so quick?
I swear I wouldn’t have bothered you mother
I would have said ‘I am fine’ even when I felt sick

Mother I waited for you to give me light
“I love you” that’s what I wanted to hear you say
I waited for months to escape that darkness
And all you do is take this all away

Mother I will wait for you day and night
When I see you I will not push you away as well
When you come to heaven and see me I will say, “I love you mum”
Mother I pray that you will not go to hell

© Sonila Reka

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