poem about mothers love

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Poem about a mother on her birthday

Special Mother Birthday Poems

Special Mother Birthday Poems

I wrote this for my mum on her Birthday yesterday. I love her very much and this is my way of expressing to her exactly how I feel. She is the love of my life, and this poem is all true. I would be nothing if it wasn’t for all her love and support. However, I’m sure you all feel the same way about your mothers because a mother’s love is special and so powerful. So happy Birthday mum, this one is for you.

Power of a mum

When I laid clueless as a bud
You made me a royal flower
When I was in misery every second
You made my life; every hour
When I failed to be more than a note
You made me a symphony
When I sat in a pool of pain
You dissolved away the agony
When I thought I’d be lonely forever
You put that thought to an end
When all I needed was to talk
You were my only friend
When I would hide and whisper
You convinced me to shout loud
And now all I can do for you
Is to make you very proud

© 2011 Marinela Reka

Poem about mother on her birthday

Poem about a mother on her birthday

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11 Responses to Poem about a mother on her birthday

  1. Pietro says:

    A very fine poem with very true words.
    Happy weekend, Marinela!

  2. Patricia says:

    I would be so very proud to be your mum! Thanks for visiting my weblog and leaving a comment.

  3. brian miller says:

    smiles. i know it warmed her heart…mothers are such special people…

  4. ChefKar says:

    No doubt your mum is quite proud. So nice to hear you are so close ~ I am with mine as well. Thanks for stopping by my place earlier!

  5. giggles says:

    Wow powerful poem and so true! Love it! Thanks for stopping by and leading me here!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. Dimple says:

    Simply outstanding…
    Fantastic vocabulary. Wish I could just fly and meet my mom… Nicely composed.


  7. Amity says:

    Moms are the best in the world Marinela…and this poem speaks all about how great they are! Nothing could surpass their unconditional love! 🙂

    Love, Amity

  8. moetif says:

    Lovely…simply lovely!

  9. Hilary says:

    Hi Marinela .. mothers are timeless, tireless and totally dedicated to their offspring .. and we should all appreciate their love and care – as you obviously do for your mother .. that’s wonderful to read and hear about.

    May you have many more summers together …and be as happy as possible together .. cheers Hilary

  10. elizabeth says:

    The poem moved my eyes into tears.

  11. Mike Patrick says:

    Marinela, thank you for stopping by my site. I traced you back here, and now you have become a distraction. I need to be writing, yet I find myself mesmerized. It’s a rare gift you have. Your children’s poems are perfect for your target audience, your haikus show a depth of understanding that blows away an old codger like I am, and then I find something like this . . . and I can’t find the words.

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