Smoking Poem

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Smoking Poem

Smoking Poem

Smoking Poem – Stop Smoking Poem


How cool do I look, with a fag upon my hand?
My mother always told me not to smoke
‘Smoking is bad for you’ is what she would always say
But I never listened to her as she spoke

Mum never understood how good smoking really was
She thought I smoked because I was young
But every time when mum saw me smoking
She said, “ You are going to damage your lung”

She would look at my teeth, and say a little speech
“You teeth shall turn yellow and not remain white”
She would go on forever and never stop complaining
But obviously I thought she was wrong and I was right

Every time mum saw me smoking a fag
She would tell me that I was beautiful
But if I don’t stop smoking it would damage my skin
She’d say, “If you don’t see what smoking does then you are a fool”

And now my mum says nothing to me
With me she seems to suffer my last pain
Because of smoking soon I am going to die of cancer
Everything is my fault I have no one else to blame

Smoke if you wish, it’s your life at the end of the day
Damage your lungs, take your life apart
But always remember you might do damage to yourself
But you are also damaging other people’s hearts!

Sonila Reka

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6 Responses to Smoking Poem

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  2. AAKANKSHA says:

    it’s an brilliant poem !. Ilike this poem very much. It gives us a lesson that we should not smoke and if we are smoking then we are responsible of our bad health. SAY NO TO SMOKING.

  3. morales says:

    wow!! umm uhhh cool poem love it =)

  4. rima says:

    wow i like it very much…amazing

  5. hello :) says:

    ahhh tooo long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁

  6. Darnika says:

    I was expecting a short poem!!! you hoe

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