Showing Off Poem

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Showing Off Poem

Showing Off Poem

Showing Off Poem

Here is my chance to show off

A flower won’t grow in a house without a pot
I am pretty but you’re not

The world is round but some people find it flat
I have a perfect body shape but you look like a rat

If you’re upset you have to tell
I am great but you smell

There are lots of fruits such as a pear and a fig
My ears are just right but yours are like a pig

If you took all the skin off your head you would have a skull
My hair is lovely but yours is dull

Ninety per cent of children like to play
My eyes are blue but yours are ugly I must say

My P.E.  teacher says it is good for your body to do sport
My nails are long but yours are short

Instead of reading children like to have fun
I am very smart but you’re dumb

People relax by listening to a slow song
I am always right but you seem to be wrong

The weather can be calm but sometimes it goes crazy
I am hardworking and you are very lazy

Most of the old people like to speak
I am strong but you’re weak

Oh what a dream, I was perfect in every way
In fact, nobody is perfect, no matter what they say

© 2007 Marinela Reka

In fact, nobody is perfect, no matter what they say

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5 Responses to Showing Off Poem

  1. eda says:

    I enjoyed reading this poem.. Such a beautiful poem you are real talent

  2. Hazel Seanor says:

    It is really good and funny too!

  3. Sue Anderson says:

    I am going to put a link to your poetry on my site. I think people will really enjoy it.


  4. Marinela says:

    eda I am glad that you enjoyed reading my poem

    Hazel Seanor, thanks for a lovely comment.

    Sue Anderson, thank you i am glad that you will link my poetry to you site… And i really do hope that people like it. =)

    Once again thank you everyone.

    With love
    Marinela Reka.

  5. Ru says:

    Lovely poem. I really enjoyed reading it.

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