Whisper Poems - Short Poems

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Short Poems – Whisper Poems

Short Poems – Whisper Poems

Whisper Poems – Short Poems

A little whisper

At the age of six, I gave out a whisper
About my poetry and so on
And now that I am eleven
It is amazing how far that whisper has gone

I guess it would jump in and out of people’s ears
And easily just go
People found out about my great poems
While that whisper would simply flow

More and more people knew
And I wondered how they found out
To me, it seemed like that little whisper
Was an extremely load shout

I really can’t believe
Where that whisper is today
For a very little whisper
It has gone a very long way…

“Poetry is a different type of music. Words and verses
create pictures in our mind and stir our emotions. Marinela’s poetry does this brilliantly
. She captures and expresses the moods, the emotions,
the feelings and the situation of the young, as well as the young at heart,
be it her reflection on a tree or “Looking out my window”: or realizing
“I don’t know who I am”. “A Little Whisper” has a wide range of
feelings and moods, be it the weather, the seasons or what possibly
could lurk beneath our bed or the secret life of a pet! As a long time
author of fiction, I do recommend this book of poetry to every one of
every age. Dr. Paul C Doherty, B.A., D.Phil (Oxon) F.R.S.A”



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