Short  Poems - Teenage Attitude

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Short Poems – Teenage Attitude

Short  Poems – Teenage Attitude

Teenagers Attitude  – Short Poems

Poems For Teenagers

They hate school
They think they are cool
They swear and make fun of any old bloke
They also think it is cool to smoke
They believe acting like a gangster it is something modern
They are so difficult and stubborn
They shout and scream on the street
They don’t let me go to sleep
They always argue or start a fight
The police always look for them at night
They talk about whom they fancy and hate
They are always on a phone with a mate
They came in at full moon
But I’m going to be one of them soon
I’m going to be good girl that’s what I will do
And that’s a promise made to you

© 2008 Marinela Reka

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