Short Poems - Nature Poems

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Short Poems – Nature Poems

Short Poems – Nature Poems

A beautiful poem about nature and life.  Nature Poem

Beautiful Nature Poem – Short Poems

A poem about nature and life

The best place to be!

As the butterflies fly beyond my head
And the ants march past my feet
The ant gets stepped on by accident
While the butterfly makes sure it looks nice and neat
The bird lays eggs in the carefully made nests
And the stick insects camouflage with the sticks
The buzzing bee gets flung out the way
When the fat cat tale flicks
The dog barks loudly
As the squirrel climbs the high tree
I have to say that being outside with nature
Is the best place to be!

© 2006 Marinela Reka

poem about nature and life

A poem about Nature and Life

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5 Responses to Short Poems – Nature Poems

  1. cesar boado says:

    sounds inspiring to be not minded…….

  2. Me encantaría ser parte de tu grupo…pero por favor en Español…gracias !!!

  3. La poesía para mi…es total expresión escrita y sentida a la vez!!!…me encanta!!!!

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