Short Poems - Kids Poetry

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Short Poems – Kids Poetry

Short Poems – Kids Poetry

A short poem for kids

I am a brave girl

I am a brave girl
But not as brave as you think
When the darkness surrounds me
I simply start to shrink

All of the shadows move around
When there is silence in the house
Then the handle starts going up and down
And that noise is it the door or just a mouse

Is there a vampire in the corridor?
WHAT is that awful sound?
Is it just my eyes?
Or are there really monsters all around?

When I close my eyes
All of the stuff still stay
I think they are hunting me
Can’t they simply go away?

I tell myself each night to be brave
Because monsters don’t have a score
Then bang the darkness said
“There is a zombie eating brain by the door”

Monsters don’t have a score

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3 Responses to Short Poems – Kids Poetry

  1. Sayak says:

    Yes, brave girl, monsters don’t have a score.

  2. HeyyItsGabeeyy says:

    Nice! 🙂

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