Riddle Poems

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Riddle Poems

Riddle Poems – Riddles

What am I?

I am something you can’t eat or see
As well as a drink or smell me
Without me present, you cannot live
But with too much of me, you’re inactive

© 2011 Marinela Reka

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30 Responses to Riddle Poems

  1. A riddle poem is such a cute idea! I can’t figure out what it is, but I’m still thinking… I’m guessing there is a sceintific answer. I’m not so great at science. :o)

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  3. Cloaked Monk says:

    The only thing I can fathom is oxygen. But I’m not sure how it would make us inactive…unless it is pure oxygen and leads to oxygen toxicity.

  4. Leslie White says:

    Good one. I may know what it is but want to give others a chance at this. Will you post the answer later, marinela?

  5. Is it something in the air…:)..Good one Marinela…

  6. DCW says:

    I’ll guess sleep. Tell me if I’m wrong and I’ll go for a nap.

  7. Are you air, oxygen? I’m curious now!

  8. Pietro says:

    Marinela, this wonderful riddle poem is a great mystery: I’ll think it over!
    Happy Sunday!

  9. AR says:

    my first thought was “air” but DCW was right I think, the right answer is probably “sleep” if not then I have no idea.

  10. Gattina says:

    Wow ! that’s complicated, lol ! I have no idea !!

  11. I’m not going to guess,
    But i do like this ides.
    Can’t beat a good riddle

  12. Marinela says:

    Hello everyone, I thank you all for taking part and trying to find the answer to my riddle. I am pleased to say that DCW was the one to find the answer.
    Yes, it was a Sleep!
    Well done DCW. Everybody else was very close.

  13. Lynnaima says:

    lol, I failed, I thought oxygen as well lol
    That was enjoyable, very nice. Thank you! 🙂

  14. What an enchanting site. Much success to you!

  15. Judie says:

    Ah! “To sleep, perchance to dream!” or whatever that quote is! When I go without sleep, I get the blind staggers. When I sleep too much I get way too stupid for words.

  16. Hilary says:

    Hi Marinela .. carbon dioxide .. but sleep seems a good idea too .. enjoy these – but can never work the answer out!! Cheers Hilary

  17. drpratibha says:

    thats very true but loved the way to said this.

  18. Lady Fi says:

    Ah – good old sleep! My warm friend…

    Great riddle!

  19. JamieDedes says:

    My guess would be O2, but it’s pretty tough to get too mjch of it and it could be that I just obsess on that.

    Wonderful riddle. Great fun. Thanks!

  20. meirozavian says:

    Great one, love it.

  21. Jessica says:

    I think I know it! I think it’s sun. You can’t see the sun because it’s too bright. If you get too much of it, you get heat stroke or some other disease.
    This site really helped me with my poem we’re doing in school, thank you!

  22. Jessica says:

    Oh woops, LOL. ^__^ I thought it was sun.. but I was wrong. 😛

  23. Good one , but the picture gave the clue. so i guessed

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