Quotes About Love.

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Quotes About Love.

Be Patient For Love

Sometimes love is like a flower
You have to wait for it to bloom

© 2012  Marinela Reka

Quotes About Love.

Quotes About Love.

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6 Responses to Quotes About Love.

  1. zongrik says:

    and sometimes it never blooms, or it bloms and rots

  2. DCW says:

    Wise observation. Did you ever as a child in impatience pull open the petals of a bud only to find the flower withered the next day. May you await a perfect rose.

  3. True, beautiful words and flower!

  4. So true, and such a pretty flower!

  5. Hilary says:

    Hi Marinela .. and sometimes it has to want to bloom and love, and whichever way it needs care and compassion along the way! Have a blessed weekend – Hilary

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