Prayer Poem

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Prayer Poem

Prayer Poem – Poems about Prayer

Prayer Poem

I will pray for you

If you have a cold
Or even worse the flu
Then just tell me and…
I will pray for you

If you have done a sin
And it is stuck like glue
Then just give me a call and…
I will pray for you

If someone close has died
Or another family issue
As soon as I find out…
I will pray for you

If you got into trouble
That you can’t undo
Then with all my heart…
I will pray for you

I hope one day when I am down
Or simply feeling blue
You will pray for me…
Just like I prayed for you

© 2006 Marinela Reka


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18 Responses to Prayer Poem

  1. Jane says:

    This poem is awesome..

  2. Erika says:

    Great site! Love your poems.

  3. KrisBelucci says:

    Very good poem 🙂

  4. Hi, very nice poem,so thanks for posting

  5. CrisBetewsky says:

    I’m glad that after surfing the web for uch a long time I have found out this web page of poetry. I’m really lucky I love it.

  6. Hi! I like your poem and I would like very much to read some more. Will you post some more?

  7. Marinela says:

    Thank you everyone for your nice comments 🙂
    So glad you enjoyed the poem

  8. irina says:

    it filled my heart with joy

  9. hurray! right back at ya’.

  10. Salman Kahnemouii says:

    Your poems are so simple and telling! I’ll pray for you that may God keep you on the path to happiness; you have my word for that.

  11. Sanju Basantani Sanjay says:

    Superb Poem..

    I Pray for You Marinela..

    God Bless You.. 🙂

  12. salote.balemairewa says:

    what a nice poem….thank you…god bless….byee

  13. My daughter recited your poem at school and it is a lift in spirit for every parents who heard it and with me and my wife as well. God bless you. I also presented (my daughter) it to our church. To God be the Glory! Blessings to you!

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