positive thoughts about life

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Positive thoughts about life

A short quote about positive thoughts…

Positive Thoughts

Judge no one and you’ll gift your heart with peace
Forgive others and you’ll gift your soul with freedom
Hate no one and you’ll gift your life with happiness


My thoughts…

Positive thoughts are important in my life.  I truly believe that my thoughts determine how I live my life. I often find that the problems I create in my head are not as dramatic as I think. The truth is, I used to spend more time thinking about my problems in a negative way than finding a solution for them.

I try and avoid judging other people. I find judging has a negative impact on my thinking and the person I could be judging. I have come to understand that we all have our own right to be different, we all can think differently too, as long as we are not harming other people and the planet. Who am I to judge how other people want to live their lives? I don’t want to be judges so why should I judge?

I also try to forgive people for their mistakes, I just don’t allow myself to waste my ‘thinking energy’ on mistakes other people may make. I will try and resolve an issue, if needed, but I will avoid overthinking about other people’s actions that are unkind, I just don’t need it in my life. That’s why I always try and encourage my readers to show kindness even if they want to criticise my work, being rude will simply make me feel down. 

Hate is such a powerful word, I often try to not to use it too much in my writing. I do not hate anyone and I hope I haven’t done something spiteful for someone to feel hate towards me. 


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One Response to Positive thoughts about life

  1. Paula Arnold says:

    I Love the Blessings you share.. And I agree with how you feel.. we should all Love one another, and share encouragement, and try to be there for others if they need us.. we also can’t please everyone, we can whisper a prayer for others..and always hope for the Best for them..Gods Love is So Precious.. He wants to be Involved in our lives.. I am forever Grateful..<3

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