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Positive Attitude Video

Positive Attitude Video

Positive Attitude Video –  Short Videos

I think that many of us spend a lot of time in the war with our thoughts. Worrying about everything. All these negative thoughts steal our happiness with our permission.

Worry – Short Poem

Worry is that kind of feeling
That weeps our joy away
It enlarges more by the second
A seed now, a tree the next day

The good thing is we can replace negative thinking patterns with positive thoughts. Every situation has a positive and negative, it’s up to us which side you see.
Training our mind to look for the good in every situation can make a big difference in our daily happiness and comfort.

It is necessary to practice positive thinking every moment

Positive thoughts improve our daily lives they are the foundation of a personal development.
The simple way to be positive is feeding our thoughts with gratitude towards others.
Being grateful for the people who surround us and everything we have
put us in direct contact with the feeling of love and make us a better person.

Be thankful

Be thankful for every person you meet
No matter what their desire
Some walk into your life to disappoint
Whereas others appear to inspire

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  1. Hello Marinela,
    great post indeed, your thoughts are always so fine and deep.
    Thanks for your kind comment on my blog, have a pleasant weekend!

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