poem about war and peace

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Poem about War and Peace

Poem about War and Peace

Leaders in the Middle East

I was just wondering
How do you stand by,
Watching people suffering
Watching children die?

Is it really your job?
To let citizens go through hell
If I am wrong
Please do tell

You are stupid to think that
Winning a war would make you seem strong
I pray that one-day
You will realize it is all wrong

Killing so many, for land
It must stop, it’s not right
Let people be happy
Don’t lead them to fight

There you sit choosing
What bomb to throw tomorrow
When your decisions make others
Life full of sorrow

Fighting about religion?
There is one God, and no other
Is it not God that taught us,
That everyone is our brother?

So if you want to keep stealing lives
Please go ahead
But remember the most powerful leader’s fight
For their folks to live not to be dead

Is it really your job, to let citizens go through hell?

© 2008 Marinela Reka

Poem about War and Peace, marinela reka

A poem about War and Peace

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3 Responses to Poem about War and Peace

  1. Jed says:

    Hello, I was wondering when you wrote this poem?
    And why you wrote it and if you used any contextual background to create it?

  2. Bianca says:

    I like your poem!

  3. farzana chandio says:

    i love this poem.

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