Kind Words Poem

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Poem about kind words

Kind Words Poem

Kind Words Poem – Moral Poems

Poem for young children

I wrote this poem when I was 6 years old, it is about kind words! Since then I have not adjusted to it at all, I have left it to capture the way I felt all those years ago. I hope that everybody likes it because it is coming from a little girls heart.

“Kind words make the sun shine on a cloudy day”

Kind words are like a honey,
You don’t have to buy them with money,
You just say them one by one
And the job is done.
Kind words are really great,
It is good to say them to your mate
Even if it is too late.
If you break up with someone,
You just say a kind word, only one
And then you have more fun.
Kind words are the best medicine
And treatment for the heart,
You don’t need to buy them at the pharmacy,
It is so easy to say them, it’s never hard
Kind words are magic,
If someone is sad,
You only say one or two
And at once they will be glad.

© 2002 Marinela Reka

Poem about kind words

Poem about kind words

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12 Responses to Poem about kind words

  1. Short Poems – Marinela Reka .com » Blog Archive » Kind words | Drakz Free Online Service says:

    […] the original post: Short Poems – Marinela Reka .com » Blog Archive » Kind words Share and […]

  2. A few years ago I came across a notebook full of poetry I wrote as a child. It was fun reminiscing. It’s kind of like looking through an old photo album and remembering “back in the day”.

    Keep up the work. You have lots of talent.

    Take care & God bless.

  3. Windowlad says:


    Wo0w… that’s amazing… very well complimented… and i could feel the deep innocence of a 6yr old girl… thanks for sharing!!!:)

    Good day!!



  4. Marinela says:

    YES, I agree Judy! The poems i have written and the ones i write now i would love to look back on and simply remember the amazing imagination and passion i had, and hopefully still have. Many thanks! 😀

    Thank you Kelvin for commenting on my site and for all of your interest in my poetry! Your poetry is great too!!!

    Thank you so much! =] x

  5. Shantanu Das says:

    Hii Thanks for visting my blog! I came here and found your poems really nice and the fireworks one is so clear and crisp and seeing you wrote it when you were 6 — Oops!! Amazing!!

    Btw I am curious, you are a Britisher? Your name does not seem to be a Britisher’s! Very sweet name.. new one for me!!

    How did you come to my blog? I am curious to know that so I know why I do not have many visitor’s.. :-0))))

  6. jinkksy says:

    it certainly cost nothing to be kind, and people appreciate the gift…

  7. Joe Zachs says:

    What? six years old?
    What do they call such people, prodigal son, sorry , I mean child prodigy ?

    Heh heh 🙂 Just pulling your leg.
    But this is really great for a six year old.

  8. cna training says:

    Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

  9. Laz Freedman says:

    I am so impressed with your poetry!

    Peace yo you,


  10. You gotta be kidding me, I’m 40 years old and can’t write poetry at all much less poetry like this. Keep going, I think we have a future literature teacher here!

  11. Faryal Adnan says:

    this is a website from where a person gets knowlage about good life!who ever is in the behalf of this website he or she is a very loving and kind person . can I write an acrostic poem about rain and i am from Pakistan and my name is Faryal Adnan. Roaring clouds Amazing weather Indigo sky Negative to sun & natural rainbow i hope you will add my poem in your acrostic poem column.

  12. mariam says:

    what tybe of this poem ??

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