poem about a dog,

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Poem about a dog

I want a dog

Mum I want a dog
“No it is too big
Have a fish or a frog”
‘No. Mum I want something big that
Can chase around Dad
And bite my Brother and Sister
When they are bad”
“No our house is too small
To get a big pet
When we get a new house
But not yet”
“I will look after it
I promise
If he gets upset
I will give him a kiss
I will always hold his lead
And never let him go
I will hold it like a big yo-yo
He is going to be great
He is going to be my best mate”

© 2002 Marinela Reka

Poems that I wrote when I was at the age of 6 to 8

Poem about a dog

Poem about a dog

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