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Patience is a virtue


Patience is a virtue
with gifts of many kinds,
a miraculous healer of the body
a powerful leader of the mind.
Time brings us opportunity
with triumph shortly after,
overcoming the malicious
with patience, strength and laughter.
It takes nine blessed months
for new life to reach our eyes,
one thousand everlasting seconds
for a mouthwatering cake to rise.
Our patience will achieve more
than is possible with our force,
knowledge hides within our clocks
as time is the best resource.
Brilliance cannot be achieved
in a week or month or less,
little by little, day by day
is the ultimate route to progress.
All the people that live in urgency
are letting chances wash away,
time needs to be taken to remember
‘Rome wasn’t built in one day.’

©2013 Marinela Reka

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One Response to Patience is a virtue

  1. Marie Aguirre says:

    Love the way you put words together and make it into inspirational quotes.. bless you.

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