Myself Poems - Feeling Poems

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Myself Poems – Feeling Poems

Myself Poems – Feeling Poems

Be Yourself Poem

Myself Poems – Filling Poems

I want to be myself

I want to be myself,
This is how I am meant to be
I like myself like this
It is how God created me

I can’t keep still for a moment
I always run around, I am like a human fan
I guess I can never change
Because this is who I am

When you go outside
You will see me swinging from tree to tree
I love climbing with all my heart
So don’t call me a monkey

I am not like anyone else
I don’t like the same colours that you do
My favourite colours are gold and silver
And how could I forget blue

My mum said I had to change
Because I had bruises all over me
I have to be much more careful
And look after my body

I said ‘the bruises don’t hurt
And my personality does not need to hide
Because if I change
It will hurt more inside’

© 2005 Marinela Reka

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