Love teen poems

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If you were…..

Love teen poems

Love teen poems

If you were

If you were a type of food
I would make you a fruit,
With a taste so divine
So my voice you would soften
And my words you would make sweet
If you were a body part
I would make you my heart
So that you could slowly drive me
To the greatness of you
If you were a liquid
I would just make you water
So simple, so normal
But powers millions of hearts
And to some, it’s an amazing thing
If you were a monster
I would make you a zombie
So that you
Could wake me from the dead
And I could start to love
If you were an object
I would make you a jug
So I could pour your spirit
Into my ear
So we can think and love alike
If there was a river between us
I would make it extremely shallow
So I could stagger to you my dear
Breath in your air
And be in your presence
As nothing means more to me
I will give you my heart
And lend you all of my time
All I ask for in exchange
Is for you to be all mine!

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