Love poems

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Love poems

Love Poems – Poem about Love and Passion

A love like this

Find someone who is certain
That the ocean is trapped in your eyes
Who embraces your every breath
Like it has been dropped from the skies

He should believe the skin you live in
Has more value than liquid gold
Each word that escaped your lips
Is a fairy tale yet to be told

Someone who traces the lines in your hands
Just to be close to you
Who writes your life together like a book
What you look like, what you do

He should be positive that your lips
Can cure every disease
The feeling of your hands touching
Should weaken him at the knees

He should climb every mountain, swim every ocean
Just to plant a smile on your face
And when the world around you shatters
He should stick it back together with his embrace

© 2013 Marinela Reka

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6 Responses to Love poems

  1. Marinela
    These are beautiful, hopeful words. I hope you find such a friend to love
    Best of wishes to you. I hope that 2014 finds you inspired by the beauty around you!

  2. Tracy Terry says:

    How beautiful, perfect for the romantic that I’m sure resides in us all.

  3. John Wiswell says:

    Never encountered such a man, or such a woman. But perhaps I’m just supposed to play that role, not ask for it?

  4. Pietro says:

    Marinela, this is a fine and profound poem, I greatly appreciate it.
    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and wish you a Happy New Year!

  5. johnell74 says:

    Marinela, I agree with moondustwriter. I hope you find just such a love.
    I am now 76 years old, and married for 47 years.
    We have shared just such a love for all those years, but the most significant
    ingredients have been laughter and friendship. I hope you find the same sort of relationship. Thank you for your comment on “Circles”. I invite you to explore johnell 74 poetry. I hope you derive much pleasure from doing so.

  6. Zeledonia says:

    Beautiful thoughts, I hope find this “someone” sometime, someday, I really wish.

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