Love Poems - Heart-break

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Love Poems – Heart-break

Love Poems – Heart-break

Love Poems – Heart-break


It wasn’t the unbearable pain
Caused by the shattering of my heart
Or even the unimaginable thought
Of happiness, while we are apart
I can get over the things you said
As we constantly nattered and argued
Truth can be found behind all the lies
That you shamelessly issued
It was the concept that the one I loved,
I cared for and I trusted was you
Yet you stormed into my life and before
I knew it you tore my heart in two

© 2011 Marinela Reka

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6 Responses to Love Poems – Heart-break

  1. Shauna says:

    oh yeah, watch out for the stormers. well-written.

  2. That was powerful one! Heartening!

  3. Leslie White says:

    When I was young, I used to think these experiences meant I was a failure at relationship just like you so adequately wrote in this lovely heartfelt poem. Years later? I look back and am able to say, Thank heavens because I would not have found the best companion had the stormer stuck around. Good poem. Took me back.

  4. hershey says:

    i was bloghopping and found your site.. Love your poems;)

  5. I greatly enjoyed this poem…Lost love is something that can be felt when reading a post such as this. Just as much the converse is true as well…I have a drafted a few on my site from personal experiences that are quite strong…Do check them out it you get a chance…Feeling creative after reading this….Thank you for this great write.

  6. Your poems are simple and succinct yet so wide and rich in their offerings!
    Glad to have discovered them.

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