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Little Ghost

Story Poems

Story Poems – Scary poems

This a scary poem for kids

The Little Ghost

I woke up in middle of the night,
I saw a little ghost
He gave me a big fright
The ghost said,
“Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you,
To tell you the truth,”
He said, “I am scared too
I lost my mum and dad
And I am feeling really sad”
I cuddled the ghost,
But it went right through me
I wondered and thought,
How can this be?
The ghost would not stop crying
So don’t think that this is not true
and that I am lying
I said to the ghost, “I’ll look after you
For as long it takes,
So stop crying for goodness sake!
You can stay in my closet,
But don’t mess up my clothes,
There might be some other ghosts, who knows?
When we went to the closet
We found his mum and dad
And his face no longer looked sad,
So I went back to bed

© 2002 Marinela Reka

Poems that I wrote when I was at the age of 6 to 8

The Little Ghost

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