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Letter to my Grandma

I got a blank paper
And started to write
Out of the blue came a tear
And I felt something inside

I demanded the tear to go away
“Because I have a problem and I don’t want you”
But the tear said “no
Because I have a problem too”

I wanted to write down
“That I miss my Nana you see”
And the tear replied
“That’s the same problem with me”

The tear and me
Didn’t get along at all
I wrote the letter and it would make it wet
Every time it would fall

“Oh you naughty tear,
Why did you come out, did I say you can?’
The tear said, “I am sad,
Because I really miss my Nan”

So me and the tear together
Did not write much just a sentence or two
“Grandma! Please come and visit me
Because I am really missing you

I really miss my Nan

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2 Responses to Letter to my Grandma

  1. Eva Ejupi says:

    Wow Marinela this poem is very touchy,and the way how u have put it together is just great. Good luck with ur writting u are very talented girl.

  2. Marinela says:

    Thank you Eva for your comment. I am really happy you liked my poem.

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