Kiss Poems

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Kiss Poems

Kiss Poems – Love Poems

It all ends in a kiss

There she is cleaning the floor
How could the evil stepsisters treat her like this?
She didn’t believe in happy endings
But her happy ending ended with that magical kiss

Her beauty is nowhere to be found
But why did she fall for those looks of his?
He was a true beast that lived on his own
But he turned into a prince when she gave him that kiss

That evil witch tried to kill the innocent girl
Is that what jealousy is?
To murder those who are better than you
But then she finds out she was saved by the prince’s kiss

She slept for more than one hundred years
She was a beautiful princess
Who was put to sleep by the evil fairy
But she was awoken when the prince gave her the kiss

He was not meant to love someone
Why did he give love a miss?
But strangely he was the person
Who gave Wendy that hidden kiss

Ah these fairy tales how they all end in a kiss
Does this show that happy endings exist without fail?
But then I will never find my happy ending
Because I am not living a fairy tale!

© 2005 Sonila Reka

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