Kids Poetry - Seaside Poems

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Kids Poetry – Seaside Poems

Kids Poetry – Seaside Poems

Kids Poetry – Seaside Poems

A poem about seaside for children


One day when I went to the seaside
A little fish said to me
Hey, girl are you, all right?
I said noooooooo
“I wonder what it is like under the sea”
And the little fish said
“Come then with me”
I will show you all the things
You want to see
I was very scared
But I had to be brave
Because the fish promised me
I will be safe
When I went under the sea
I saw a shark
I was really scared
Because it was dark
Under the sea it wasn’t like a playground
There are a lot of creatures
Like the octopus, starfish all around

© 2003 Marinela Reka

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