Japanese Lantern Poems

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Japanese Lantern Poems for Kids

Japanese Lantern Poems

Japanese Lantern Poems

Lantern Poem

Best friend

of freedom
growling at cat’s

A cat

to be pampered

 © 2011 Marinela Reka

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3 Responses to Japanese Lantern Poems for Kids

  1. Leslie White says:

    I’m smiling at this because the little dog looks like my maltese friend, here, named Payton.

  2. Mills says:

    the bee poem, love it

  3. taylor says:

    you know what i want to say i just absolutely love all of these extrodinary poems they are so elegant and delightful i hope all of you enjoy poetry as much as i do and please all of you take an intrest in the magical world of poetry.I must say all of you young poets are so lucky to have this wonderful amazing talent i have been through thosands of poems and these are my very favorites by far!!!!!!!

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